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Midlands Limited, Kenya

Midlands Limited is located in Nyandarua, Kenya and primarily deals in potato storage and processing. In addition the company has operations in vegetable processing and animal feed manufacture, which are complimentary to the potato processing operations.

1. Technical Support Activity: SALES & MARKETING TRAINING for Midlands Limited staff

Date: August 2013

Overview of the Sales & Marketing Training:
This was a 1 ½ days training of the sales team at Midlands Ltd. with the aim of opening up its market for its products and services. The training covered the following areas:

  • Product knowledge.
  • Customer service.
  • Prospecting and Presentation.
  • Selling.
  • Marketing.
  • Motivational talk.

Consultant: Esther Mwihaki, Business Management Consultant from Kenya

2. Technical Support Activity: Training of Managers in the Production, Storage and Processing of Potatoes, in the Netherlands

Date: February and March 2014

Overview of the Potato Training:
This 5-days training was held in the Netherlands for six Managers of Midlands Limited who are directly involved with potato management. The training was carried out by Dr. Arjan Veerman from the Netherlands, an expert in matters pertaining to potato production, storage and processing. The training covered the following areas:

  • Yield and quality of potatoes.
  • Potato fertilization.
  • Potato cultivators: pattern of growing and potato breeding.
  • Potato handling and mechanization.
  • Potato storage principles and storage techniques.
  • Potato processing techniques, product development and processing equipment.
  • Field visits to potato farms.

Consultant: Dr Arjan Veerman of AVE Consultancy in Netherlands

3. Technical Support Activity: Financial Management Consultancy at Midlands Limited

Date: September 2013 - December 2014

Overview of the Financial Management Support:
This was a 3-months consultancy support at Midlands Limited. Midlands needed financial management support to assist the company review her financial systems and review plus develop a financial manual and other financial documentation. Midlands Ltd. also needed assistance in the recruitment of a suitable Finance Manager for the company. The technical support at Midlands included the provision of professional and expert advice and support in the following areas:

  • Financial systems review and implementation.
  • Administration, Human Resources and other general support to the business.

Consultant: WIA East Africa, from Kenya

PCP Uganda

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Lugogo, Kampala, Uganda
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PCP Kenya

Address:   Riara Corporate Suites
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